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The Cookshop Training Source Book

The Training Source Book: Latest News


The Training Source Book for cookshops is the invaluable guide to major kitchen and dining categories for all UK housewares retail staff. It is published by Progressive Housewares in tandem with the May/June issue of the magazine.

The Training Source Book provides concise and easy to understand insight into key housewares sectors as well as valuable tips on sales techniques, working with the customer and closing the sale. Its introductory section also includes inspirational advise on housewares retailing best practice.

Retailers of all sizes - from independents to large multiples and major department stores - use the Training Source Book as an integral part of their training programme.

In an easily transportable A5 format, the book is used as a handy reference on the shop floor and taken home to study at leisure. It is highly valued by new team members developing their product knowledge and by experienced staff and shop owners refreshing their knowledge base.

Top retailers praise the Training Source Book for its comprehensive coverage of key sectors and its clear approach to explaining the benefits and properties of housewares products.

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